A Quick Buying Guide for Fragrance Lamps

A Quick Buying Guide for Fragrance Lamps

A Quick Buying Guide for Fragrance Lamps

            You are in the right place if you are looking for a Home Fragrance – Home Fragrance Lamps information. Choosing the right luxury home fragrance for your home is something that requires thought and consideration to pick a scent that represents you and your home.  For the wellness factor in your own four walls, fragrance lamps serve, which, in combination with aromatic oil, inspire the nose and work right into the brain. Understanding a little more about fragrance will help you choose one that suits your own style and personality, whether you have more of a taste for floral and fruity or prefer something a little zestier or more masculine.

 Fragrance Lamps

How Fragrance Lamps Work:

            Under the decorative cap on top of the fragrance lamp is the stone, which is warmed when ignited and fuelled by the oil in the bottle. Air is drawn into the stone, where the molecules that carry odors are destroyed, together with airborne micro-organisms. After that the perfume will be released as purified air, freshening the room.

Types of Fragrance Lamps:

  • ·        Traditional Fragrance Lamps with Candles

  • ·        Electric Fragrance Lamps

  • ·        Ultrasonic Nebulizer with Light Therapy
  • ·        Catalytic fragrance lamp


How to Use the Fragrance Lamp:


After filling the bottle with Fragrance oil if necessary, the decorative cap is removed and then the stone is lit.  After two minutes the flame is extinguished by blowing it out, but the stone remains active as a heated burner fuelled by the oil in the bottle, drawing the oil up through the wick.

 Fragrance oils and lamps

A Fragrance Lamp can actively remove the malodor. The Lamp actively purifies, cleanses, and perfumes the air in a wide area. Common odors in the home produced by cooking, pets, tobacco, and exercising can be safely and effectively removed by using the Lamp. Ashleigh & Burwood is the home of fragrance, making your home smell fresh and clean. Utilizing a catalytic combustion technique, the Fragrance Lamp actively purifies, cleanses, and perfumes the air in the home. Fragrance lamps are currently so popular for air purifying.


Fragrance Candles

If you are looking for the best Fragrance lamps and Candles then you are at the right place. Glass mosaic fragrance lamps, Small fragrance lamps, Large fragrance lamps available from market-leading brand Ashleigh and Burwood. Shop Fragrance Lamps now!

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