Starlight Diva Tinned Candle

Starlight Diva Tinned Candle

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Starlight Diva Tinned Candle from Bomb Cosmetics

This range of candles look absolutely fantastic! Bright, bold colour schemes, set in the tin and that's just the look, wait while you smell them, they smell better than they look. 

Starlight Diva candle is a lively, energising, heavenly aroma! Starlight so bright, close your eyes and make a wish whilst breathing in these interstellar pure sandalwood and vetivert essential oils, priced at just £5.99 each they seem to be a favourite candle of choice. 

100% Handmade - All Bomb Cosmetics products are 100% handmade

Cruelty Free  - Because we just love animals

Vegan Friendly - This product is suitable for Vegans 

This tinned candle will give you an approximate burn time of 35 hours.

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