Chocolate Orange Tinned Candle

Chocolate Orange Tinned Candle

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Chocolate Orange Tinned Candle from Bomb Cosmetics

This range of candles look absolutely fantastic, bright, bold colour schemes, set in a tin and that's just the look, wait while you smell them, they smell better than they look. 

Chocolate Orange tinned candle, this smells just as it sounds! A deliciously rich chocolate orange fragrance with velvet citrus tones over a warm vanilla base. Priced at just £5.99 each they seem to be a favourite candle of choice. 

100% Handmade - All Bomb Cosmetics products are 100% handmade

Cruelty Free  - Because we just love animals

Vegan Friendly - This product is suitable for Vegans 

This tinned candle will give you an approximate burn time of 35 hours.

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