Mermazing Bath Blaster

Mermazing Bath Blaster

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Mermazing bath Blaster - Be set free by the sea and dive into a creamy cocoa and shea butters, these are renowned for soothing those mermaid scales. We stored the rare treasures of Mandarin and ylang ylang pure essential oils inside to unlock the mermaid in your soul. 

100% handmade and cruelty free bath bomb.

Uplifting and a Sparkling Ocean fragrance. 

Moisturising bath bomb. 

Mermazing bath blaster - Splish splash and flip those fins, splash your way through the shimmering and sparkling raspberry and mandarin fragrance waters! Let the creamy cocoa and shea butter soften your skin and the mandarin and ylang ylang essential oils uplift your soul. When you eventually get out of this bath it will leave you mermazing.

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