Porcelain Peony Bath Blaster

Porcelain Peony Bath Blaster

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Porcelain Peony Bath Blaster - Delicate like porcelain, a beautiful fragrance but so fine it's fragile and hearkens back to the bygone era. Translucent and airy, filled with opening fresh notes of waterlily's with a heart centred around a white lily, rose and potent jasmin. A musky finish has a powdery edge blended with sandalwood. 

100% handmade and cruelty free bath bomb.

Uplifting and porcelain Peony fragrance. 

Vegan Friendly & Moisturising bath bomb. 

Porcelain Peony bath blaster - Let's travel back in time to a vintage era, dip your toes into this frankincense and rose essential oil filled with water to help with soothing your furrowed modern soul. Let the translucent and airy, opening with fresh notes of waterlily's fill your senses, consume your mind and lift your mind. 

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